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Berg JEEP Buzzy Sahara

Berg JEEP Buzzy Sahara
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Berg JEEP Buzzy Sahara 01._BERG-Buzzy-Jeep-Sahara-Essentie_SEMSGWFKUC8B.jpg 06._Productsheet_-Eigenschappen_USP_Buzzy_Jeep_Sahara_SEMSICD7Z8JL.jpg 12._BERG_Buzzy_Jeep_Sahara_+_boy_SEMSH4RVMGQQ.jpg 03._BERG-Buzzy-Jeep-Sahara-Soepel_en_snel_wegrijden_SEMSI8SZJM8Q.jpg 04._BERG-Buzzy-Jeep-Sahara-Stabiliteit_SEMSIAFBSR6D.jpg 02._BERG-Buzzy-Jeep-Sahara-Gecontroleerd_sturen_en_trappen_SEMSGY6PMVQB.jpg Jeep_Buzzy_Sahara_back_(2)_SEMSIGOZC8LX.jpg Jeep_Buzzy_Sahara_front_(2)_SEMSIIMUYD2H.jpg Jeep_Buzzy_Sahara_left_side_(2)_SEMSIKP4K4G5.jpg Jeep_Buzzy_Sahara_left_side-2_(2)_SEMSIMRC3UK5.jpg Jeep_Buzzy_Sahara_left_top_(2)_SEMSIOOZLZ4V.jpg Jeep_Buzzy_Sahara_right_side_(2)_SEMSIQV25LK5.jpg 07._BERG-Buzzy-Jeep-Sahara-TrailerS_SEMSIEO4VFQI.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Jeep_Sahara_+_boy_4_SEMSHAZ7ZHFJ.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Jeep_Sahara_SEMSHDBBJY2H.jpg BERG_Buzzy_Jeep_Rubicon_+_BERG_Buzzy_Jeep_Sahara_+_boys_SEMSHATNXUDC.jpg

With its Jeep grill, solid hood, unique steering wheel and off-road tyres, this Jeep Buzzy Sahara offers unforgettable driving pleasure. On this Jeep your child can tackle any terrain. The direct drive system makes pedalling supple and light. In this Sahara you can tear through puddles, plough through sand and venture into wooded areas effortlessly!

The Jeep Buzzy Sahara’s 4 EVA tyres keep the go-kart firmly on the ground. Your child will therefore sit safely and securely. The steering wheel and seat are adjustable, making this Jeep suitable for children aged 2-5."

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Purchase with confidence in a 2 year warranty and knowing a full parts list is available.


  • Suitable for children aged 2-5
  • Every child learns to pedal super easily due to the direct transmission and unique ergonomics.
  • Always control over the steering wheel and the pedals because they can be operated independently.
  • The four wheels and swing axle keep you grounded firmly and safely.
  • The pedals remain within easy reach while steering.
  • Silent EVA whisper tyres that will never go flat.
  • Grows with you due to the adjustable steering wheel and saddle.
  • Super light pedalling due to ball bearings and unique ergonomics.
  • Can be driven forwards and backwards.


  • Length: 83 cm
  • Width: 49 cm
  • Height: 50 cm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Max user weight: 30kg

Click here to read Berg Buzzy technical specifications.