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BERG CHAMPION 380 GREY or GREEN + Safety Net Deluxe (12.5ft)

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BERG_Grand_Champion_Grey_+_Safety_Net_Deluxe_S6AEEXWLNLE7.jpg BERG_Champion_Green_+_Safety_Net_Deluxe_with_girl_RXRA8BYI14JL.jpg Lifetime_Label_USPs_Champion_EN_(1)_SAQ0RIF2C4PO.jpg BERG_Twinspring_Gold__RXJ6FU0YGU5F.jpg 02_TRAMPOLINE_USP_LARGE_TWINSPRING_EN_SAQ0JNB5BZLD.jpg 01_TRAMPOLINE_USP_LARGE_AIRFLOW_EN_SAQ0JPECGFT0.jpg 03_PDP_slider_Champion_Beschermrand_EN_SAQ0JO20HMN2.jpg BERG_FlatGround_Champion_padding_RXRDWOS5R1CC.jpg BERG_Safety_Net_T-Series_Top_Cap_RXJ6BO9OIN7U.jpg BERG_Champion_with_girl_(1)_RXRA8CPW0ZLR.jpg BERG_Champion_with_girl_RXRA8DQTRHS2.jpg BERG_Champion_with_girl-5_RXRA8ETCVR8G.jpg BERG_Champion_+_Safety_Net_Deluxe_girl_2_RXRA8968J9LM.jpg AIRFLOW_JUMPHIGHER_LOGO_SFF1DSW2PVDL.png 04_PDP_slider_Champion_Frame_EN_SAQD4RZ4DW0B.jpg BERG_Safety_Net_Deluxe_detail_view_SAQD8525SO8J.jpg

Ladder Included valued at $69.00

The BERG CHAMPION trampolines are designed for heavy use and the extreme weather conditions here in New Zealand.  Take note, this trampoline has a combined weight of 105kg. More material, more heavy duty, better quality. (see installation videos below)

They are sold with a:

  • 10 Year Frame Warranty (extended to 13 years when registered within 3 months of purchase)
  • 2 Year Safety Padding Warranty
  • 2 Year Airflow Jump Mat Warranty
  • 5 Year TwinSpring Warranty 

The features that make BERG CHAMPION trampolines awesome are: 


  • A self-closing entrance ensures your child is safely kept inside the trampoline. 
  • The safety net is installed to the outer edges of the trampoline increasing the play area inside the trampoline, this also stops children running around the outside edge where they could slip and fall. 
  • Using only the best material, the fine net mesh ensures your kids precious fingers, even teeth or clothes are not caught.  
  • The upper edge of the safety net is supported by a reinforced circular fibreglass rod, this ensures the net is always nice and firm.
  • This rod is then locked into an inventive top cap that firmly clicks together. This ensures the rod and safety net never collapses. 
  • The curved outer poles are noticeably larger and more robust than other trampolines. The steel is sleeved into a thick protective foam, and then outer PVC sock to provide extra safety.


  • BERG have developed the patented AirFlow jump mat to enable you to make higher jumps. This jumping mat allows 50% more air permeation when compared with a standard jumping mat. 
  • Less resistance with the BERG AirFlow jumping mat means not only higher jumps, but less jolting on your body’s joints. Those with bad joints will find the jump very soft and smooth with minimal jolting.
  • BERG is the only Trampoline to install Gold TwinSprings. This coupled with the angled installation contributes to the awesome jump experience. 
  • Most trampolines jump well in a smaller centre area. Because of BERG’s Gold TwinSprings, the angle they are placed and the Airflow mat, this best jumping area increases by 30-50% depending on the trampoline size. 


  • Robust and extremely UV-resistant protective edge is not only heavy duty to ensure many years of use. 
  • The workmanship of this protective edge is impressive, the design is well thought-out from the flat front edge, to the decent overhanging flap. Double stitching is utilized where required. This cover will not split apart after years of use. 
  • The protective edge is 380mm wide and the dense foam insert 30mm thick.
  • A selected amount of breathing holes are punched into the underside of the edge to reduce moisture retention and water logging. This stops the likelihood of your protective edge degrading from the inside.


  • Constructed from heavy gauge steel a BERG CHAMPION lasts for years. 
  • The steel is first treated, galvanised and powder coated.  No corners are cut to ensure the welds and hardware are as best they can be.
  • The steel brackets that attach the safety poles to the main frame are heavy duty and professionally fabricated. Cupping the main frame they are fixed with 13mm lock bolts. Once fixed into position this bracket will never move, keeping your child safe inside the trampoline.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us directly via a phone call or email. We are happy to answer any of your questions.